Brand guide


The name of the organisation is: Foundation for Public Code.

In sentences it can be mentioned as: the Foundation for Public Code.

Written out in full

The name is always written out in full and never made into an acronym or abbreviated. If a shorter handle is necessary for technical reasons or publiccodenet is used.

For example, or

Meaning of the words in the name

Every word in the name has a meaning, together they should explain what the Foundation For Public Code does.


A foundation is something that can be built upon, something that is the bedrock for a development.


The Foundation for Public Code is actively working on Public Code and the infrastructures that are necessary to produce it.


For and by everyone, all of society.


Both policy – civic code – as well as software – source code.

Printing and breaking

The name of the Foundation for Public Code should be printed either over 1 line:

Foundation for Public Code

Or, when the name is broken over 2 lines the lines should contain 2 words per line, so the following:

Foundation for
Public Code

This means in HTML the name can be, when used in headers and footers as a logo, best used with non-breaking spaces where the lines should not be broken:

Foundation for Public Code

See also: Logo

The Foundation for Public Code is incorporated as a member owned association (vereniging met volledige rechtsbevoegdheid) under Dutch law named “Foundation for Public Code vereniging”.